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GMT Biogas Ltd, established in 2017, is pioneering a new methodology for anearobic digestion (AD) project management and design, as well as implementing cutting edge AD technology, in the form of its unique plug flow reactor (PFR) design and gas-to-grid via direct injection and virtual pipeline technology.


GMT's management team brings together a vast number years of experience across the AD industry, combining expertise in finance, design, project management, operation, and commissioning. As such, GMT is in a position to offer a start to finish project management package from a bespoke design through to commissioning. 


To complement these packages, GMT can offer a TSA (Technical Services Agreement) following the completion of a project to ensure a seamless handover to the client.

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Energy crop crop residue anearobic digestion biomethane
small scale plug flow digester, not a cstr, converting crop residues and manure and energy crop into RNG or biomethane


GMT’s flagship plant, a 5MW gas to grid project, based in Cambridgeshire injected into the grid in January 2021. The 5MW plant is the largest of GMT's unique design of plug flow reactor (PFR, pictured above) in the UK. It is the first PFR in the UK to use gas to grid technology. The plant is based around a 'Virtual Pipeline' operating model. This means the biogas produced by the AD plant is cleaned/upgraded and injected into the grid, via a compressed gas transport trailer, via a series of communal injection points on the National Grid.


GMT’s is one of the leading gas to grid developers in the UK, pioneering the use of its highly efficient PFR technology alongside direct pipeline and virtual pipeline grid injection technologies.

GMT has several further 7MW gas to grid projects expected to commence in 2023 and beyond.



Phil brings 15 years of experience in both the project management and business development aspects of AD.


He has won over 30 PFR contracts and project managed the build of the first PFR digesters in the UK, as well as project managing our flagship Gas to Grid projects.


He previously led the bid team for BiogenGreenfinch, winning 3 out of 5 Welsh Assembly CSTR projects.


Gianluca is a chemical engineering graduate and has been involved in the AD business for 8 years.


He has assisted in the design, delivery and commissioning of several PFR plants, and has also spent 4 years within agricultural financial markets as a physical commodities trader for Cargill and Glencore.


He brings a mixture of technical and commercial experience to the GMT team.


Andy worked with NatWest Bank for 40 years, most recently as a Regional Director in the Agricultural Finance division.


His experience in agriculture and financing agricultural projects, including AD projects, brings further strength in depth to GMT’s management team.


He can offer tailored advice and support to clients with respect to funding options and funding structures.


Johnathon has over 27 years’ experience in the farming industry and currently farms 600 acres in Lincolnshire.


In 2014 he managed the completion of his own on-farm AD plant of the PFR design.


He brings both operational and construction knowledge to the GMT team.


GMT supplied a PES Straw Extruder to it's 5MWth industrial gas-to-grid biomethane plant in order to transform the Client's annual straw production (a by-product of growing Wheat) into energy.

The PES Bioextruder uses two opposing metal screws to create mechanical heat and pressure which breaks down the outer cell structure of straw into an extruded straw product with a consist similar to maize silage. The process of extrusion unlocks the energy potential in the straw and allows the anaerobic bacteria to convert the organic matter in the straw into biogas.

The single line system can process up to 3t of DM/hr and is simple to operate and maintain. The unit installed has been in operation for 2.5 years

Straw as a Feedstock - Energy Potential

GMT biogas has carried out over 20 biochemical methane potential (BMP) tests across three of most established testing labs in the UK to better understand gas production from extruded straw.

Good quality straw extruded through a GMT PES Straw Extruder averages around 300Nm3/tODM.

Please reach out to for more information.

Straw Processing


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plug flow digester PFR used for anearobic digestion to produce biomethane or RNG for injection to grid by virtual pipeline
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